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We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and fostering understanding within culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. With a focus on leveraging existing networks and lived experiences, we empower our clients to effectively engage with and serve these communities.

Lived Experience

Our team of consultants brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by CALD populations. We recognise that meaningful consultation requires more than just language proficiency—it demands cultural sensitivity, empathy, and a nuanced understanding of community dynamics.

Flexible and responsive

Whether it’s developing inclusive outreach strategies, designing culturally relevant programming, understanding the thoughts of marginalised groups, or facilitating meaningful dialogue, we are committed to equipping our clients with the tools and insights they need to foster genuine connections and drive positive change.

Integration of the Unveiled Institute

The Unveiled Institute was a Canberra-based think tank born out of a desire to help government, industry, and community groups to better understand the views and needs of diverse groups of people in Australia. It worked to produce viable, sensible recommendations to overcome social issues relating to cultural diversity, socioeconomic disadvantage, gender-based violence, and social exclusion through evidence-based policy.

The work of the Unveiled Institute was absorbed into Avicenna Consulting in 2022, allowing us to provide our expertise in regulatory and policy design to further drive these deeply important aspirations.

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Case study: Insights from CALD communities on sexual assault prevention & response in the ACT

In August 2021, Avicenna Consulting was commissioned by the ACT Government’s Office of the Coordinator General for Family Safety (OFS) to consult with culturally and linguistically diverse communities (CALD) in the ACT to gain a better understanding of four themes:

  • understanding of sexual assault
  • barriers to seeking assistance or accessing justice
  • whether services and support systems are helpful
  • how systems can be improved

We undertook consultations with CALD community members, service providers, community leaders, and experts. Despite COVID-19 lockdowns requiring us to quickly pivot with our consultation model, we were able to deliver a report to the OFS which comprehensively captured the unique perspectives of our participants.

Our report formed a part of the Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Reform Program Steering Committee report titled 'Listen: Take action to Prevent, Believe and Healavailable here.

Our full report is available for download below.

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