Regulatory Policy Reform

We'll help you figure out where regulatory frameworks need to be improved and provide you with well-considered options for reform. We'll even help you transition to staff and stakeholders to your new system.

Operation design

No matter how well your compliance or operations team runs, there is always room for improvement. Avicenna Consulting can help you review your processes and get your team back on track.

using existing resources

We understand how important it is to work within limited budgets and resources while delivering world-class services. Under the wings of of Avicenna Consulting, you will achieve regulatory improvements within existing resources.

New Services from Seasoned Regulators

Our team is made up exclusively of former senior public servants who worked in high-pressure regulatory agencies. Our proven track record in delivering government regulatory reform and deregulation projects when we were public servants in a timely, cost-effective way means that you don't have to teach us what it means conduct the business of government - we've lived it ourselves! We understand the process of making things happen in government and the pressures that can come from internal and external stakeholders.

We can work with you to deliver regulatory reforms with the efficiency of consultants and the deep understanding of regulators.


Better Stakeholder Engagement

Our experience in working with regulated companies means that we understand the needs of your stakeholders very well. This means that our options will always contemplate how your stakeholders will respond to the change, allowing us to incorporate better transition mechanisms.

We have a knack for bringing together stakeholders with conflict views to help negotiate favourable outcomes. We can help you to get the most out of diverse groups.

We pride ourselves on making sure that our work is defensible and flexible so that all your needs can be met to the standard that you expect.

Our Team

Our consultants are based in Canberra, the nation's capital. But no matter where your team is located, we are able to send you a professional team of consultants with experience in regulatory environments in no time. We regularly work with clients across Australia - and the world! Our expert government consultants have all worked for government agencies undertaking projects involving:

  • policy analysis and design
  • design and implementation of regulatory reform options
  • review of policies and procedures
  • operational design and redesign
  • legislative drafting and amendment
  • stakeholder consultation
  • executive and cabinet briefing

and everything that comes with making these projects work.

Best of all, we can hit the ground running and provide you with a responsive, cost-efficient way of responding to your regulatory needs. We are proud of our ability to deliver projects within budget, on time, and in line with the objectives of government.

Our team members have worked for:

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