TGA publishes its compliance priorities for 2023/24

The TGA have published their import, advertising and supply compliance priorities for 2023-24. The focus areas include:

  • wellness and beauty products
  • sports supplements
  • with nicotine vaping products
  • medicinal cannabis advertising

One of the priorities is to detect and disrupt unlawful advertising of unapproved and high-risk medicines and medical devices used in the wellness and beauty industries, including those intended to alter the body’s performance and appearance. For example, sports supplements (you can read this post to learn more about the TGA’s regulation of sports supplements), weight loss medications, IV drips and cosmetic injectables.

This may include listed and complementary medicines. If you are not sure whether your products are compliance with the TGA’s regulatory framework, get in touch and we would be happy to review and update your evidence.

To read the complete details of the TGA’s compliance priorities, visit the TGA’s website.